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So you're starting a blog..


Now how do I start this? Seriously, how? I have no idea how to run a blog. NO IDEA! Lets be real, unless you've taken some creative communication course (which I haven't) I'm sure no one does!

What's the proper etiquette? Am I writing too formal? Too informal? There are so many questions (front type, layout, pictures ect) Heck who cares?!

At some point, along the way I decided to start a blog. I'm still not sure why, or how to go about it, or if anyone will care to actually read it! Which if no one reads it, well whats the point?

For those of you still reading, I think I'll start with how this platform came into fruition. My blog "epiphany" started from boredom really. I've been a busy gal lately (newly married, condo renovations, and then listing it a few days later) but I love to be busy! I'm type A, but not as organized at times, so lets call it type A- ! I needed a hobby to keep myself on "go mode" and well since I'm not super crafty, can't knit and can only read so much, this is what I've come up with.

"A Little of This & A Little of That" started with me loving to talk and share things with others. I often get asked for advice, my opinion or where I get things. I wanted to create a way to share with you all things I'm passionate about, and let me tell you it's an eclectic collection! Hence there will be "A Little of This & A Little of That"

Nothing is off limits! I can't wait to embark on this journey with you all

xo Amanda

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